Energizing Public Health

For OVER 75 years, and four generations, members of the Chapman Family have worked in the Nuclear Power Industry

Our Nuclear Energy Solutions

The Renewable Way

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Long-Term Fuel Storage

Custom Fuel Storage Containers

Fission-Fusion Power

Controling Entropy to Create Heat & Electricity

Fuel Transmutation Cask

Reducing Environmental Imact


Turn Power On and Off Without a Set Cap on Energy life

Carbon Hydrogen

Effectively Capture Carbon by Separation of Hydrocarbon Molecules Using Fusion


Inherently create precious isotopes critical for infrastructure and large-scale power production.

Chapman Nuclear
Power Plant Construction

Estimated Three years of Construction to
First Power

The Facts

Nuclear Energy is THE
Most Reliable Energy Production Method

Our Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactors are the safest power production method on the market.  

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Renewable Energy
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